Beauty Inside Out 

A woman with a beautiful heart is like a cupcake in a world full of muffins! 

We are all aware that, it is indeed a beautiful face that attracts the eye, but what about those beautiful hearts, magnificent souls and humane inclinations, in this inhumane ground of human civilisation. The competition between inner beauty and external loveliness is the most senior battle of all times. Exploring the situation in contrast we wonder, why we people always blame the beauty instead of the beholder. Weren’t we always taught that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder? So, are we not talking about the battle between our eyes and our own subconsciousness?  Why is it that a beautiful face can make its way through our eyes to our heart and why a soul worthy connection has little but no power to capture the eye? Is it because we are only looking out to fill our eyes and pockets while our hearts still remain empty? Do we never realise that talking to a known soul, is like eating our favourite food, where we are not just feeding our stomach we are filling ourselves till the brim of our heart! 

Coincidently people with beautiful hearts are the same ones as people with big hearts, of all our organs heart, is the only one that reaches out to all the other parts of the body, is giving in nature and just like that it never rests! So, why is it that in spite of possessing such giving spirit we fail to unite with the ones who have a heart so big it crosses that crosses the confinement of human body and comes out only to restore the remaining faith in humanity? 

Is it possible that the ages-old battle has unanswered itself and at the same time the answer was veiled from humankind because once the heart convinces the eye to agree with himself, the world would radiate so much light that heavens will be envious! Is this the reason that the most beautiful bird is caged, and the most fragrant rose is picked from the garden.? Is this why innocence is short-lived and we agree with the mirrors more than we agree with our own consciousness? 

Unless you can eat the makeup, it can do little but nothing to enhance your beauty!